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How do Other Cultures Celebrate Christmas?


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For many of us, Santa Claus comes on Christmas Eve, but did you know that in some places around the world it’s not Santa who brings the presents? It’s true. In some places the presents come down from heaven, like angels or even the stars!

In Russia, they have Christmas in early January instead of December. Santa doesn’t visit, but instead it’s Babouschka, which means grandma. Like Santa, she delivers presents to kids.

In Germany December 6th is St. Nicholas Day. You may have heard of this before, where children put their shoes out and St. Nicholas brings them treats if they were nice, and twigs if they were naughty.

When we think of December we think of Winter and cold weather, and in some places even snow, but in Australia December is the middle of Summer!

Now we’ve all heard the story of the birth of Jesus and how Mary and Joseph had to ask around and look for a place to stay. Did you know that in Mexico they celebrate “Las Posadas” which is a recreation of the event? The celebration is nine days long!

In Iceland, Christmas is called Yule, but it’s not Christmas. They have a tree, give out presents and a big meal just like we do in America. If you’re wondering how Santa Claus gets out all the presents in one day, maybe “yule” need to move to Iceland.

They don’t have just one Santa Claus, but are you ready for this? 13 Santas. Wow!

As you can see there are so many different ways that people celebrate Christmas and they’re all great! The few examples given weren’t even half as much as there really is.

Your culture may have different traditions than others. However you celebrate it, in the end they all mean the same thing. For most, it is a time where everyone comes together as a family, and celebrates the birth of the baby Jesus.

SOURCE: “Christmas Celebrations of the World

by Andrea Granera, 8th grade

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How do Other Cultures Celebrate Christmas?